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2013 NFL Draft: Rams Interested In Quinton Patton?

The Rams reportedly will have full staff on hand to work out Louisiana Tech WR Quinton Patton. Begin conclusion drawing ASAP.


The conventional wisdom surrounding the Rams pretty much since Torry Holt and Isaac Bruce aged their careers out of St. Louis and the NFL has been that the Rams were in need of upgrading their WR corps.

Every year, the groups separate at TST for every free agent and/or WR prospect hoping that one guy can come in and cure the ailments of season past to some degree. I'm no stranger to those passions. I wanted Hakeem Nicks. I wanted Julio Jones. No shame in my game, mind you.

So it's always interesting every offseason to see where the team itself is spending its time (read: capital) ahead of the draft. Last year, the Rams ended up bringing in Appalachian State's Brian Quick and Wake Forest's Chris Givens, two moves which were relatively unexpected.

So what to make of this tweet from Tony Pauline of DraftInsider?

Read into this what you want, but it certainly doesn't suggest the Rams are done adding more targets for Sam Bradford.

Given that I had Patton 9th on my WR board and Tennessee WR Cordarrelle Patterson 11th (someone who is being mocked to the Rams in the 1st round pretty frequently), this doesn't upset me in the least.

Ed. Note from RVB: Pay close attention to the detail Pauline spells out here. The Rams took the "entire brain trust" to a wide receiver last year, a guy named Brian Quick. You can debate whether or not Quick is going to break out, but when the entire staff is checking out a receiver, one with the potential to slip into the early part of the second round, it's worth noting.