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Random Ramsdom, 3/22: The good ship leadership

The Rams are going to sport some new looks next season.

U Go Same Bradferd! You know who's not all hung up their bracket right now? Sam Bradford. He doesn't have time for such pursuits since he's a bona fide leader now, especially with Steven Jackson out of the way. As a leader, his job will now consist of straightening out Brian Quick's crooked routes, overseeing the post-production on Janoris Jenkins' rap albums and making sure Josh McDaniels never, ever sets foot inside Rams Park again.


Leadership is so hard, you guys.

Vote for More Ramz Which local lady will get the chance at cheerleader stardom? You can help decide their fate. Hint: base your vote on which cheerleader is the LEAST likely to end up drunk and harassing 12-year olds in the bathroom of a family friend.

Roger Goodell Don't Care The NFL commissioner has way bigger things to worry about than some crummy stadium in St. Louis, y'all. For now, anyway. The Rams lease isn't going to truly blow up in our faces until after the 2014 season, by then we'll all be so excited to see them in playoffs we won't notice Goodell busting kneecaps in the state house.

Pro Daze Continue Jarvis Jones is so slow, you guys! In actuality, he stumbled, maybe tweaked his hamstring and turned in an underwhelming 4.85 at Georgia's pro day. But it doesn't matter because speed's not really his thang. Fortunately, we'll have weeks of self-titled draft experts telling us how slow he is. Pro day recaps and schedules all right here.

Jim Harbaugh approves The 49ers coach liked free agent safety Louis Delmas. So did the Rams, but the Lions like him most of all. The 49ers settled for Craig Dahl. The Rams have special teams stalwart Darian Stewart and ... and ... and ...