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Les Snead takes in the Tennessee Vols pro day

The Tennessee Volunteers might not have had a great season, but there was tons of NFL talent at their pro day, the St. Louis Rams were there, who could they have been interested in? Let's take a look.

Get jiggy with it.
Get jiggy with it.
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On Wednesday, Rams General Manger Les Snead was on hand to watch the University of Tennessee pro day. A pro day that featured 15 players many of which will either be drafted or highly sought after free agents once the NFL Draft ends.

Of course, Snead could have been on hand to watch many players at the pro day. For example, Snead could have been looking at the high profile Cordarrelle Patterson. He's a raw wide receiver, but he's a play maker that can be used all over the football field. In fact, Patterson is the reason why we know that Snead was at the pro day. Mike Mayock mentioned Snead being there, while talking about Patterson, which makes it seem like Mayock thinks the Rams could be interested if Patterson fell in the draft.

Two other wide receivers that could be of interest to the Rams are Justin Hunter and Da'Rick Rodgers. Recently, Les Snead mentioned that Rodgers and Quick had the same skill set, so he's most likely not an option. However Justin Hunter could be, he has high ceiling, but could end up as just another solid wide receiver.

There's one other player that Les Snead could have woke up out of bed for, and that's Dallas Thomas. He was Most likely a fridge first rounder, but his injury during Senior Bowl will most likely push him into the second round. Hes versatile, he's played left tackle and guard with the Vols. In the pros, he's most likely a fit at guard. With Robert Turner leaving the Rams, a player that could play different positions on the offensive line will be much needed.

As I mentioned in the beginning, there were 15 players present at the pro day. The players that I mentioned are the players most likely to be selected high.

Here's a link the full list of players at the pro day.