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Is Jeff Fisher eyeing Veteran running backs?

The St. Louis Rams have high hopes for Isaiah Pead going forward, but could Jeff Fisher be eyeing veteran running backs to help ease the load.

I need another running back man.
I need another running back man.
Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

The St. Louis Rams and longtime franchise player Steven Jackson parted ways last week. It was a sad moment, but like everything in the NFL, life moves on.

It seems like the Rams will be moving forward with last years draft picks Isaiah Pead and Daryl Richardson. But it always seemed likely that the Rams would add another running back. Most of the talk out there has been that the Rams would add a bigger back, you know: a running back with the skill set of Steven Jackson.

Well at the owners meeting, Jeff Fisher said they would be looking at another RB.

DeAngelo Williams is an interesting name, however he isn't technically a big back. When I hear big back, I think of a bruiser like Brandon Jacobs, but who would complain if the Rams signed Williams to a multi-year deal? Hey, maybe a back like Williams is big to Fisher now that the NFL has changed the rules on RB's lowering the boom.

The Panthers head coach even mentioned trading Williams as an option.

Hey, a 5th rounder for a 2 year rental wouldn't be bad, and he's a proven player. Last season, he ran the ball 173 times and gained 737 yards. The Rams could still use Isaiah Pead, a back that they have been high on since last season.

It doesn't seem likely that the Rams would invest a draft pick in another back, but weird transactions have happened in the NFL. Honestly, getting a proven veteran back to go along with the young runners would be a great plan for the Rams going forward. There's also a chance that the Rams could spend a mid-round pick on a running back. It's not as big of a need, but the Rams could use the draft for a back.

Here's a list of all the available free agents (including running backs).