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Tony Softli tackles the helmet-crown rule

The NFL passed a significant, controversial rule change, so naturally Tony was excited about it.

NFL owners passed some pretty major rule changes this week, including a somewhat controversial one that bans running backs from lowering their heads to make contact with a defender. St. Louis' own Tony Softli weighed in on the matter with the most quintessentially Tony Softli tweet.

Sure, you can point the usage issue here of there/their, but what makes this one for me is "interesting!" Hmm, someone's really excited about the gray area the new rule creates. Wooo!

The only thing missing here are random hashtags and errant capitalization. Other than that, it's Softli at his 140-character finest.

(We give Tony Softli a hard time, but we really do like the guy. He's actually one of the few local radio personalities that does football the right way. More importantly, he's delightfully crazy.)