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Rodger Saffold will be just fine, say the Rams

A move to the right side isn't going to hurt Rodger Saffold.


Technically, the St. Louis Rams have yet to determine where Jake Long will play. Obviously, it's going to be at left tackle, and we applaud Les Snead and Jeff Fisher for valuing process over the obvious. Rodger Saffold will move to the right side, and according to reports, he's down with that.

"It's not an issue," Fisher told the Post-Dispatch on Monday.

Snead had more to say about the matter, including some real optimism about Saffold's performance in 2013.

"Rodger's started here as a right tackle. I think nowadays on the offensive line, no position punishes you financially. And you could even make a move and be better at a (different) position than you are now.

"So we'll sit down and discuss that internally with the player and even his agent. But Rodger's a team player and he's young. If he comes in and consistently plays like he did at the end of last year, Rodger will be fine and we'll be better."

Unless the Rams draft another tackle this year, Saffold's gig in St. Louis is safe. He has no leverage to ask for a trade, and a full season of play on the left or right would dramatically increase his value as a free agent in 2014.

The PD piece mentions the possibility of Saffold moving inside to guard. It's been talked about before, and was even rumored to be the preference of the last regime during Saffold's rookie season, before the tackle part of the depth chart slid off into the Missouri River. Fisher has stated before that Saffold's best spot is on the outside. However, necessity is the mother of all invention, so keep an eye on what happens through the rest of free agency and the draft.