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Torry Holt vs Richie Incognito

Nothing is better than a friendly Twitter feud. Nothing.

Both the St. Louis Rams and Miami Dolphins are waiting on Jake Long to make his decision on which team to play for. As days go by without a decision, patience thins and anticipation mounts. We have fans on Twitter starting #whilewaiting4jake trends and we have former and current players exchanging some subtle trash talk.

Wait... what?

It looks like future Hall of Famer Torry Holt and many time knucklehead Richie Incognito exchanged some Tweets of which team should sign Jake Long and which of the two teams is better.


Torry wasn't just backing the case for Jake Long in St. Louis. Oh no. He was backing his home and his family, the St. Louis Rams.

Perhaps Torry's tweets will be enough to lure Jake to St. Louis? Okay. Probably not. That sure was fun though.

A big thanks to Twitter for allowing us to read such an amazing conversation and a bigger thanks to Torry for keeping his heart in St. Louis and with the Rams.