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Rams' offer not enough Jake Long

Jake Long will be seeing what other teams have to offer now.


The St. Louis Rams did make an offer to Jake Long, but it wasn't an offer that Long was looking for, according to the Miami Herald. He left without a deal, and will now get the chance to see what the Dolphins and other interested teams will offer.

No surprise here. The Rams and Long's camp talked for three days. He came to town for a physical, tours and a round of negotiations on Wednesday. Earlier reports suggested that Long was seeking something in the neighborhood of a deal worth an average of $10 million per year. He made $12.8 million last season, for a little context. Injuries compromised his play over the last two seasons and a market rife with offensive tackles hurt his asking price.

That same Herald report says the Dolphins are feeling good about their chances to re-sign Long. That does not mean it will happen, though, especially with other teams interested.

The report also says that the Dolphins have a Plan B in case they don't bring Long back for 2013. I'm wondering if the Rams have a Plan B after devoting so much energy to wooing Long.