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Are the Rams going to lose out on Jake Long?

After three days of negotiations, Jake Long is set to leave St. Louis without a deal.


Bidding wars between the St. Louis Rams and the Miami Dolphins are not new. Stephen Ross and Jeff Ireland have tried to lure unsuspecting bodies to South Beach over St. Louis in past, including Jeff Fisher who proved to be nonplussed by a ride in Ross' whirlybird. Now, the Dolphins are trying to lure Jake Long back to the beach and away from the Rams who have been holding him hostage for three days now.

Long is scheduled to leave St. Louis on Friday, and as of now he does not have a deal with the Rams.

Albert Breer of the NFL Network had a curious, slightly ominous update on the situation Friday morning.

Hmm, this could be an interesting situation. Long and the Rams have been negotiating since the fall of the Berlin Wall, or so it seems. If the Rams and the Dolphins are coming in with similar offers, it could come down to a matter of personal preference, i.e. where he wants to play, whether or not the team has a chance to win, etc.

And it's not just the Dolphins that are interested in Long. The Rams could have spent three days negotiating a price tag for some other team to come in and pay.

Long could be leaving town without a contract, and that is not a good thing for the Rams after investing significant time chasing him while the rest of the free agent market got snapped up, including the Seahawks who loaded up on pass rushers.