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Random Ramsdom for Friday 3/15/2013: The Departed, The New Guys, and Waiting on Jake - Long That Is!

The week has been oh so busy for the St. Louis Rams. Click on for a recap of Free Agent action.

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Well Rams Nation, that sure was an interesting week. As of this writing, Jake Long was still in St. Louis with his wife Jackie trying to decide whether or not to join the St. Louis Rams. Hopefully by the time you read this Long will have signed his contract and become a Ram. If not, take heart in the fact that the Ram's front office did everything conceivable to sign him. After all, he has been there going on two days now. Jeff Fisher sounded hopeful, just after the press conference for newly acquired tight end Jared Cook, that Long would be in blue and gold before too long. He has cleared the medical hurdles, after a rigorous and time consuming physical on Wednesday. If he can stay healthy and get back into Pro Bowl form, the Rams will be set at tackle for the next four to five years.


If you aren't on Twitter my friend, you are missing out. TSTer Tony Schreck, @shrek_13 started a hash tag on Twitter that was so much fun I nearly busted my shoulder stitches laughing so hard. The hash tag trended nationally, and even made it onto the front page of Turf Show Times.

Goodbye Predator

Our big guy in the backfield is gone; gone away to the dirty south and signed with the Atlanta Falcons. As a fan I am heart broken. As a fan I am ready to pick up the ball and start the 2013 NFL season without him. Will the Rams go running back in the 2013 NFL draft at some point to fill the gap? Or are the three young guns in our stable enough to see us through the season successfully? I don't read tea leaves, but I have a hunch that round two of the draft could find the Rams looking at the position.

Something Good is Cooking in the Lou

Jared "The Cajun" Cook is now a St. Louis Ram. The former Tennessee Titan comes into the Edward Jones Dome as a hybrid TE/WR. He was used as a wideout, and in the slot in the Titan offense. Because of his athleticism and speed, I would expect some of the same with the Rams. While blocking is not necessarily his forte, I also expect the Ram coaching staff to work on that with him, along side Lance Kendricks. This move befuddled some of us, and entranced the rest, while some of us are still -and will remain - on the fence about the signing.

Danny Boy!

Say it ain't so Danny! Say it ain't so! As we all know by now, Danny Amendola signed a $31 million contract with the St. Louis Ram's arch enemies, the New England Patriots. According to some sources the deal with Amendola was even signed before Wes Welker decided on signing with the Denver Broncos. Danny will make roughly $100K more than Welker per year according to sources. Hard to believe that there isn't more to the Welker-NewEngland story than just money. In related news, Peyton Manning reportedly jumped 10 feet in the air and clicked his heels together when he was informed of Welker's decision.

Rams Resign William Hayes

Super stoked about this. Hayes was invaluable in the rotation in 2012. He is one of the key reasons the defensive line was able to be so bullish up front. The resigning of Hayes means the Rams didn't even have to be tempted to go after another free agent who would have to start new with the team and coaching staff. It also points to the Rams being mostly satisfied with depth at the position. Still, expect the Rams to pick up a mid round defensive tackle or end such as Kwame Geathers out of Georgia, or Jake Bequette out of Arkansas.

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In honor of our departed football icons, and those new to town, here's a little something:

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