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Free Agency-Fantasy Football Impact Steven Jackson and more

Free Agency-Fantasy Football Impact Steven Jackson and more


As we have done all week I will continue to look at free agency from a fantasy football point of view, with that set, let's get started.

Steven Jackson - He signed a 3 year deal today with only 4 million guaranteed. The interesting thing I find is he wanted to be the "bell cow" but Atlanta will continue to utilize Jacquizz Rodgers so I see a 2/3 for Jackson and 1/3 for Rodgers. Jackson has always struggled inside the 10 so I will be curious to see f he perform better with a top passing attack around him. I can see Jackson getting around 1100 total yards with around 7 Td's, but I would be cautious as a few Rb's have continued to play well once hitting 30 especiallly with the amount of touches Jackson has had in the past 9 years.

Wes Welker - He took less money to go to the Broncos rather than the Titans who is a better fantasy spot for his talents. As for his fantasy outlook, his numbers will go down, there are just too many big play weapons on the Broncos but I can see 75 catches for 850 yards and around 5 Td's, basically a Wr3 who will get way overdrafted.

Leon Washington - He should elevate the Pats defense and make them a top 7 team with his return abilities.

Kevin Ogletree - He had a great breakout game and little else and will slide into a non producticve WR3 for the Buccaneers.

Matt Cassel - He is now the backup QB for the Vikings and still not a fantasy factor even with a Ponder injury.

Danny Amendola - He was the backup plan for the Pats and if healthy he should get 5-6 catches a game for around 50-60 yards. I think he will be over drafted in fantasy leagues for those expecting him to replicate Welker's numbers but a QB/WR connection like that takes time. I will say his totals will be 70 catches for 800 yards and 3 TD's.

James Casey - He looks to be a great fit fr the Eagles and they are going t use him in the Aaron Hernandez role but of course the QB getting him the ball is an issue. He has great hands and sneaky quick speed, I am projecting 70 catches for 700 yards and 5 TD's and a middle TE1 in fantasy drafts.

Thanks for reading!