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Steven Jackson - Capturing a Generation

Steven Jackson owns the hearts of an entire generation of Rams fans.

Dilip Vishwanat

Steven Jackson is the reason I'm a Rams fan, and an entire generation of Rams fans most likely feel the same way. Not all of us are old enough to have witnessed great Rams of old. I wasn't alive to see Eric Dickerson, Nolan Cromwell, Jack Youngblood or Deacon Jones. And the Greatest Show On Turf exploded onto the scene when I was only 13 and was over in a flash.

Steven Jackson was the first Rams star who was a mainstay year in and year out for me. Steven was the face of the franchise and the glint of hope in this Rams fans' heart. After every season, his play seemed to be the only positive thing I could reflect on. And as failure after failure passed, Steven endured. He never winced nor complained to the media. He never asked for a trade or more money. He was the epitome of a team player. I looked to Steven to see how I should conduct myself on the football field.

I started playing varsity football in 2004 and my dad, a Bears fan, always taught me to be humble and work hard for everything. Although he was a Bears fan, my father always made sure I was watching Steven. Watching how Steven Jackson went about his business helped show me how a true man handles failure and success. Steven embodies the best of the NFL. He isn't a diva and he doesn't "make it rain." He was my football role model. So once I heard of Steven leaving the Rams I began wondering if he had as large of an impact on others as he did on me.

Recently I asked people on twitter what their favorite SJax memory was and the amount of unique responses amazed me.

Even some Rams players, past and present, weighed in.

Steven Jackson owns the hearts of many Rams fans and him changing teams wont change that. To show just how much of an impact Steven had on this team and this community, Rams owner Stan Kroenke tweeted out his own personal thanks.

Steven Jackson came into this organization and community with class and he left with class.

All that is left to say is thank you, Steven. A million times thank you.