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Steven Jackson Reaches Agreement with Atlanta Falcons

Goodbye Steven. We'll miss you.


If you are holding out any hope that the Rams might bring back Steven Jackson, even at a reduced rate, it's time to let that go:

It appears that Jackson has reached an agreement with the Atlanta Falcons, one of the many teams rumored to be in the hunt for his services. It makes sense, given that they've been in the playoffs recently and are thought to be a contender this year, more so with the return of Tony Gonzalez.

The deal is for three-years, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Financial terms have not been released. The Green Bay Packers were also interested in the veteran running back, the only active player with 10,000 career rushing yards.

In all honesty, this is a good move for Jackson. The Falcons needed a big back, and given Steven's skill-set, it's safe to assume he will do well within that organization and particularly that offense. You can only hope the success he's looking for is found in the Georgia Dome.

Let the Isaiah Pead/Daryl Richardson dynasty begin.