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Jake Long, Rams still talking

The good news is that the Rams and the left tackle are still together, but they don't have a contract.

Mike Ehrmann

The St. Louis Rams and free agent offensive tackle Jake Long still do not have a deal. However, Long did spend the day in St. Louis, getting a tour of the city from the team's brass, and he is still there, along with his wife, on Thursday morning.

Hey, this free agent week has been grueling to say the least ... it's taking its toll in bad jokes.

Who knows what the issue is. Long may be interested in a playing here, but the money's not there. That would be the most obvious guess. It's at least a good sign that he hasn't left town for another free agent visit. This is a dicey situation for the Rams. They desperately need offensive line help to finally make that quarterback investment payoff. Long and his agent know this, I'm sure. Then again, the Rams can't overpay for a guy that's been injured and less effective than usual over the last two seasons.

Perhaps we'll know something more as the day goes on.