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Louis Delmas Leaves St. Louis Without a Deal In Place [Updated]

The Rams let Louis Delmas without signing him, but it's unclear what the circumstances behind the move.


Excuse me if I'm still recovering from being Omar'd earlier this afternoon, but this was too big of news for me to sit on. While the Rams are currently wining and dining Jake Long after his day long physical, it looks like they let Louis Delmas out of St. Louis without a contract:

Of course, this could mean quite a few things. The most obvious that comes to mind has to do with health- Delmas has had plenty of health issues in the past, and it's possible the Rams were not impressed with the results of his physical.

That is merely speculation, because any number of things can go on behind closed doors. The Rams could have very well offered a contract to Delmas and he turned it down; the opposite could be the case too, that Delmas was asking for too much money.

Regardless of what you think happened, he's on his way to San Fransisco as a possible replacement for Dashon Goldson. It looks like sleep is for the weak in the NFC West.


It looks like door number two is the correct option: