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Patriots sign Danny Amendola to a 5-year deal; Julian Edelman to St. Louis?

The poor man's Wes Welker is now the rich man's version of him.

Jeff Curry

It's over. Danny Amendola is no longer a member of the St. Louis Rams. The New England Patriots swooped in and snagged him with a five-year worth $31 million with $10 million guaranteed. It was an offer too rich for the Rams to match.

The writing was on the wall for weeks. Amendola was expected to hit free agency, testing the market for the first time in his career after tasting some success, and lots of injuries, with the Rams over the last four seasons.

As predicted, he was a backup plan for the Patriots. New England jumped when their attempt to low ball Wes Welker resulted in his taking a deal with the Denver Broncos. Turns out, the Patriots had him in their back pocket for just such an occurrence (yes, that's a size joke), talking terms with him during the three-day negotiating window.

St. Louis picked up a replacement, so to speak, a day earlier when they signed tight end Jared Cook. The former Titans tight end lines up outside and in the slot, and is capable of doing some of the work Amendola used to do. He also has a better track record for staying on the field.

At some point during the offseason, the Rams will have to add another wide receiver. That's probably not going to include another pricey free agent. Given the team's commitment to youngsters Brian Quick and Chris Givens, it's fair to wonder if it's going to happen in the early part of the draft, but it might.

What about a low-level free agent move? Jason LaCanfora suggests former Patriot Julian Edelman.

Edelman's a bit of an unknown. He never got the chance to play much in New England, blocked by Welker ... oh the irony.