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Rodger Saffold wants to be a left tackle

The Rams' incumbent left tackle would like to stay that way.


A move to the right side would simply be unnatural for Rodger Saffold, according to his agent. Speaking to the Post-Dispatch, Saffold's agent, Alan Herman, said that his client would not be happy about a move to the right side. He said nothing about demanding a trade.

Said Herman:

"I’m sure if you would ask Rodger what position he’d want to play, he’d want to be a left tackle," Herman said. "That’s his position. It’s a paying position in the league. He’s played left tackle his whole life since he was a little kid. Why would he want to move to the other side?"

Understandable. Very much so. Players at this level are fierce competitors, and Saffold has shown his dedication in the past. He was pushed to the left side as a rookie in 2010 when Jason Smith once again failed to work out there, a player whose dedication was questionable. He worked hard to get ahead of the timeline for his injuries last season, getting back into the lineup ahead of schedule.

It's not really fair to criticize Saffold, or his agent anyway, for not wanting to be the best at a premium position, one he's been playing for three years now.

Earlier on Wednesday, there were reports of Saffold demanding a trade if asked to move to the right side. Herman slowed that talk, pointing out that nothing had happened yet. He didn't say the 't' word, well, he did say tackle, but you know the one we're talking about.