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Danny Amendola free agent rumors: Rams still in the mix?

Could the St. Louis Rams hang onto Danny Amendola, or is there something else going on here?

Otto Greule Jr

It was just assumed that the St. Louis Rams would lose Danny Amendola to free agency this year, with receiver-needy teams waving cash under his nose. But that might not be the case, a market intent on low balling receivers could land Amendola back in St. Louis.

Hmm, the receiver market is slow to develop, save for Mike Wallace. The low-balling has some credence given that the Broncos just signed Wes Welker to a two-year, $12 million deal. Think about that price tag for a minute; it's almost nothing compared to what Welker was worth to the Patriots over the years.

Speaking of Welker, the situation with him could be a factor here. Someone has been leaking reports of teams supposedly interested in Danny Amendola for days now, but there's been push back to that.

With Welker, I mean WELKAH, gone now, the Patriots could get very serious about chasing Amendola. Because, well, you know. It's hard not to wonder too if Danny Amendola's agent isn't maybe putting that out there in market that's been slow to develop for receivers?

Either way, it's something to watch as the circus rolls on.