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Recap Of Jared Cook Every Target in 2012 (Yes It Has Video)

The St. Louis Rams signed Jared Cook last night. He's instantly the most experienced - and could be the best - receiver on the team. Here's more information on Cook.

The Rams new playmaker for Sam Bradford.
The Rams new playmaker for Sam Bradford.
Andy Lyons

For the second year in a row, the St. Louis Rams beat out the Miami Dolphins for a free agent. Last season the Rams brought in former Titans head coach Jeff Fisher and defensive tackle Kendall Langford. This year, the free agent is former Titans tight end Jared Cook, who both teams coveted.

Jared Cook will be earning a large amount of cash in the next 5 years. Why? Because the Rams are hoping Cook will be a main target for Sam Bradford in the passing game. Cook has shown flashes of being a great pass catcher. What's been hurting Cook is his inconstancy.

Honestly, you don't care about how everyone says he's not a blocker - you want to know how he will help Bradford in the passing game. So let's look at Cook's 44 reception, 523 yards, and 4 touchdown 2012 season.

What does one of the experts think?

Greg Cosell is one of the best in the business at breaking down players and watching film. Why do I mention that? Easy, Cosell is a fan of Jared Cook.

The video

Jared Cook 2012 Full Season (via Max Lukas)

Film breakdown by yours truly.

+ He is fast

+ He's a mismatch (get's open on linebackers and the secondary).

+ He's great at making sudden cuts.

+ He can make plays all over the middle of the field; a real play maker.

+ He fights for yards.

+ At least 2 of his touchdowns came from beating a player in the secondary.

+ In the open field , you can tell he has great straight line speed.

+ He makes big catches.

+Lives on curls, seam intermediate routes, and drags

+He isn't an in-line tight end.

+Basically he's a receiver; he played a lot in the slot.

- He doesn't catch well with a defender breathing down his neck.

- He will drop passes you would expect him to make with ease.

-He really wasn't used as a endzone target

+ Beats man on man coverage

+Not afraid to get hit

How he fits with the Rams

Okay, I'll be honest, he's a big move that should pay dividends with the Rams. He will most likely be used less as a tight end, and more as a slot receiver, so fans of Lance Kendricks shouldn't worry.

Expect to see Chris Givens, Brian Quick, Lance Kendricks, and Cook on the field at the same time a lot. Cook really helps ease the hurt of Danny Amendola and Brandon Gibson leaving. Cook will be used to attack the middle of the field, but his drops are a concern. Will he make the Rams offense better? I'd say the answer is yes.