Jared Cook: An Enigma

Grant Halverson

Hello there TST! It's the closet Rams fan again! This time we'll be taking a look at the Rams most recent free agent signing, TE Jared Cook. He's truly an enigma that has baffled many a Titans fan and coaching staff over the years.


  • A speed threat - He's always had great down field presence that defenses had watch out for. Cook isn't Tony Gonzalez by any stretch of the imagination but more like a poor man's Jeremy Shockey mixed with Jimmy Graham.
  • He can play receiver - Well, not directly as traditional receiver, per se but he can be split out wide and be of major concern for defenses. In fact, this was a potential point of contention should he have been franchise tagged by the Titans as he played a lot of snaps lined out wide. He wanted to be tagged as a receiver, which is significantly more than the tight end tag.


  • A below average blocker - He never really learned how to block or shown a willingness to do it. It was basically providing the defense with a cheat sheet when he was in. The majority of the time he was in, it was a passing play. You can't succeed when you're telegraphing plays. It's a similar condition to Ravens OT Bryant McKinnie's stance giving the play away before the ball is even snapped.
  • Has very inconsistent hands - Cook has made a living making the hard acrobatic catches but dropping the ones that hit him in the hands. It's really maddening to see it every single game.

The verdict:

A good signing by the Rams. Cook really needed a change of scenery as he wore out his welcome multiple times over the past season via the media. He basically quit on the team when departed OC Chris Palmer wasn't getting him the ball enough and demanded a trade midseason because of it. His potential was never realized in Nashville and I hope he does in St. Louis under the coach who traded up to get him in the draft. Rams fans, be prepared to have a constant mix of emotion about him.