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Jake Long, Louis Delmas visiting Rams

Two free agents will make their way to Rams Park in the next 24 hours.

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

The St. Louis Rams got busy in free agency on Tuesday afternoon. In addition to signing tight end Jared Cook, the team scheduled visits with Lions safety Louis Delmas and Dolphins tackle Jake Long.

Just how serious are these visits? That all depends. It's worth remembering that players, free agents visit all teams regularly, giving both sides a chance to feel out the situation. It was reported earlier on Tuesday that Jake Long would simply have to pass a physical, but it's rarely that easy.

Jason Jones visited the Rams last year, most expected a deal to happen. He signed with the Seahawks instead.

The good news for the Rams and Long is that the Bears wrapped up their tackle needs, part of them, with a five-year deal for Jermon Bushrod, formerly of the Saints. They still need a tackle, but can't afford two at those prices. The Eagles could be in play for Long as well as some other teams out there, including the Chargers.

Delmas might be an easier get for the Rams. He knows the defensive coordinator, Tim Walton, and his medical history means he could come cheaper than the top options on the market.