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Jared Cook Agrees to Terms with Rams

The Rams once again snatch victory from the Dolphins

Scott Cunningham

Well, it looks like the Rams won out yet again. Multiple sources are reporting that Jared Cook has chosen St. Louis over Miami for his next team:

Of course, the real question is how much the contract is worth. There is no doubt that adding Cook gives Sam Bradford a much needed weapon and the Rams have been hell bent today on adding, or attempting to add, some big names in free agency. Money figures haven't been released yet.

As to where Cook fits in the offense, it seems like a safe bet to assume that he'd take over inside as a hybrid WR/TE, as he isn't much of a blocker. Understandable, given Cook's athleticism and history with the Titans. With Cook as a pure pass catcher and Kendricks as a situational blocker, the Rams have a dynamic one-two punch at tight end.