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Free Agency - Fantasy Football Fallout: Wallace and more...

We will review some early signings and releases in free agency today

Mike Ehrmann

The action has been wild and woolly already. Here we'll will review a few moves from a fantasy perspective:

Mike Wallace - He signs a huge deal with the Dolphins coming off a below average season of 800 yards and 8 TD's. My guess is Philbin has a plan to help him earn his money and Tanneyhill's arm should lead him nicely on his long seam routes. I would expect around 1,000 yards and 7 TD's next year.

Martellus Bennett - He now moves to the Bears and still looks like a bottom end TE1 as he will be used as much for his blocking as his receiving. I would see somewhere around 650 yards and 4 TD's. A guy who will probably be a bye week fill in.

Anthony Fasano - He has signed with the Chiefs. Reid seemed to use Celek very inconsistently, and Fasano is not as much of a down field threat. He is a TE2 and barely draft-able.

Chase Daniel - He has signed as a backup with the Chiefs, he may be a guy to grab in dynasty leagues if Alex Smith does not have the same success.

Ryan Fitzpatrick - He was release by the Bills and this can only help Stevie Johnson who had great chemistry 2 years ago before it disappeared. I can't guess on his production yet until we see who Marrone brings in, but I have a hunch he's looking at his college QB in the upcoming draft.

We will continue to review all major free agent moves from a fantasy point of view the next few weeks