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2013 NFL free agency: Rams, Vikings could pursue Victor Cruz

Would the Rams be willing to part with a first-round pick in order to nab the Giants wide receiver and restricted free agent?


The New York Giants tendered wide receiver Victor Cruz with a first-round restricted free agent offer. That might not be enough to keep him in the big apple next year. Two teams that could show interest, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN, are the Minnesota Vikings and the St. Louis Rams.

This isn't the first time the Rams have been mentioned in connection with Cruz. To recap, Les Snead would have to part ways with the 16th overall pick and a hefty contract that would keep the Giants from using their first right of refusal to match the offer.

Minnesota and St. Louis are the two teams with a pair of picks in the first round this year as well as a burning need at wide receiver. It makes for a fairly obvious connection.

Alas, it may be just that. Schefter went on to say during his SportsCenter appearance that the Rams "don't sound particularly interested" in making the costly move to get Cruz. That's not a huge surprise. This front office has been protective of its draft picks, for good reason, first-round picks give teams four years of cost-controlled starters, hopefully. That means more cap savings down the road when it comes time to re-sign or extend the young players that the team cannot afford to lose.