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Rams free agency: The bigger picture

There's more to the offseason than splashy trades.


The Seahawks did it. The 49ers did it. Half the division made a big splash on Monday, trading for headline wide receivers to improve already tough teams. The St. Louis Rams stood their ground. Rams fans panicked, boosting sagging local talk radio ratings with frenzied calls interrupting 'man talk' segments and spring training updates to predict the decline of the local NFL team.

Without a doubt, both of the Rams' division rivals improved themselves on Monday. The Rams will get their chance too.

Yes, I would have liked to see them chase Anquan Boldin, but a 32-year old receiver is a much better fit for a team like the 49ers than a young, up-and-coming Rams team. Signing Percy Harvin would've eaten a ton of cap room. Seattle surrendered it's first-round pick, and more, to get Harvin too.

The Rams have not one, but two first-round picks this year and next year. If they so choose, they can draft their own version of Percy Harvin in the form of Tavon Austin, whose total rookie contract would be less than what Harvin will make in a year (thanks ineffective players union!).

St. Louis has enough room to fill some holes on the roster, places where the right addition can really make a difference, like along the offensive line or at safety.

There's a lot of offseason to go.