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NFL Tipsy Tuesday: Free Agency The Random Ramsdom Way

Just to be clear, the last couple days were only the fake free agency period, right? It's for real today, and that means gobs of money thrown around the NFL in search of players willing to relocate.



Welcome to the big day for NFL veterans. This is where they find out how much the open market in the NFL thinks of them. Some will have their egos fed with huge amounts of money, while others will have to accept they just ain't as valuable as they used to be.

Philadelphia Eagles plan on making an offer to Amendola - For the St. Louis Rams, there are three or four names to keep track of during this NFL buying frenzy. One of them is Danny Amendola. While I'm not sure how Pat Shurmer - the Eagles new offensive coordinator - will integrate the feisty slot receiver into his offensive, it makes sense in only one way: A security blanket for Nick Foles. While Shurmer was with the Rams, he may have seen the value of having a player like Amendola around for a young quarterback. Michael Vick is signed to a one year deal, so you have to think first year head coach Chip Kelly might be looking beyond the former star quarterback who can't seem to sign a book without a bit of drama?

CBS Sports' Adam Schein thinks the St. Louis Rams need to make a run at Victor Cruz - Everyone seems to want the Rams to trade one of their two first round pick this April for a wide receiver?

"Colleague Chris Wesseling astutely pointed out at the end of last week that St. Louis has two first-round picks after last off season's deal with the Washington Redskins(the Robert Griffin III trade). The Rams can make Cruz, a restricted free agent, a gigantic financial offer while still picking a player in Round 1 of April's draft. St. Louis is desperate for help at receiver to aid Sam Bradford." - CBS Sports

Need a quick refresher course in NFL free agency? - Restricted free agents, Exclusive rights, Accrued Seasons... This little article from has most of the things you'll need to know for today. So you know everything already? Let's see: What's the difference between a "Franchise" and "Transition" player, and how many of each can a team designate in any given year?

Seattle fans may be celebrating, but Vikings running back Adrian Peterson isn't very happy about the Percy Harvin trade - Calling it a "kick in the stomach", Peterson has to be upset about his teams limited offense losing one of the two star players it possessed.

"I know talent," Peterson told the Star Tribune. "I can watch Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen and see the difference...There are (were?) two Jordans on this team. I'm not trying to be cocky. I'm just very confident in my abilities."'

Field Gulls' Danny Kelly is dancing in the streets over the Percy Harvin trade... and why not after seeing the early Las Vegas line on his numbers. It still makes my jaw drop every time I see what you can place a bet on. The Odds Makers are saying the over/under on Harvin's receiving yardage is 9991/2 yards... Hmm, I think I'll take the under, since I don't think Harvin will last long in the physical NFC West.

Will the Rams pick up a running back in free agency if Steven Jackson doesn't return? - Personally, I think they have to find a big, powerful running back for the red zone. Daryl Richardson and Isaiah Pead don't really fit the model, and Terrence Ganaway is too much of an unknown quantity. Our very own 3k would love the Rams to draft a running back in the first round... Just kidding Joe!

Stay on top of the breaking trades and signing with Turf Show Times and Daniel Doelling - We've been running this "LIVE" Twitter feed for the past couple of days. But today is the day when all the rumors, passed on 140 character increments, will prove their worth.

Have a great day!