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Percy Harvin - Fantasy Fallout

Some future ramifications for the Vikings and Seahawks due to the Percy Harvin trade

Jeff Gross

The Seahawks went out and made a bold move to support their young QB today in acquiring Percy Harvin from the Vikings fr a 1st round, 7th round and a conditional pick. For a team built to win now this looks to be an outstanding move, let's take a look at the affected parties from a fantasy perspective;

  • Percy Harvin - Last year he was in the top 5 in yac and more than doubled the other highly paid WR Sidney Rice. People also forget that he was a hybrid coming out of college and this skill should be used more with Wilson as his QB. The Seahawks OC is also familiar on using Harvin as he was his OC in Minnesota his 1st 2 years. Even with him probably missing a game or 2, I would expect an average of 80 total yards a game with at least 10 td's making him an early pick within 1st 3rd rounds of most fantasy drafts.
  • Russel Wilson - He had an amazing rookie year by any standards and got better as the season wore on. This move can only open more things up and increase his passing yards with his accuracy on the short passes that Harvin will turn into long gains. He was the 11th ranked fantasy QB last year and I would expect him to move into the top 8.
  • Golden Tate and Sidney Rice - These guys are still end of the draft fodder and cannot be counted on for week to week production.
  • Christian Ponder - He played pretty well and was a top half of the league fantasy QB when he had Harvin, without him he was at best below average forcing most throws to his talented tight end in Kyle Rudolph. He is not draft-able.
  • Adrian Peterson - No move the Vikings make will change the fact he is a top 3 pick in every fantasy draft next year.

We will continue to review all major transaction from a fantasy perspective throughout the off season.