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Video recap of Brian Quick's targets and catches from 2012

The Rams selected Brian Quick to be a play maker last season. He hasn't hit the mark yet, but there's still hope.

The Rams second round pick Brian Quick fights to get a touchdown.
The Rams second round pick Brian Quick fights to get a touchdown.
Thearon W. Henderson

During the 2012 NFL Draft, wide receiver was a big concern facing the St. Louis Rams. With the 33rd pick in the draft, and after just missing out on Justin Blackmon, the team was poised to draft a receiver early.

However the Rams' pick surprised many. Instead of drafting a decorated, big college receiver, the team drafted a small school prospect. That prospect was Brian Quick, a big time receiver out of Appalachian State, who apparently he made a big impression Jeff Fisher and Les Snead.

However, for the Rams, his 2012 season didn't make a big splash. He only caught 11 balls, for 156 receiving yards, with 2 touchdowns. Not mind blowing, but hey sometimes great things happen to those that wait. So, just like the other videos, X, decided to grace us with another every target video.

Notes from the video

  • Has the ability to make impressive catches
  • Doesn't really get YAC
  • Shows lot's of inexperience- doesn't get to the marker, forgets to touch a corner back when he's on the ground after an interception
  • He's faster than he looks, and get's out of his routes quick.
  • Nice hands, at times, but he dropped lots of catches that he put booth hands on.
  • Had a couple of opportunities to make the catch but either he had to adjust to the ball and he couldn't get a handle on it, or he couldn't get two feet in-bounds.
  • Speaking of that, the sideline is not his friend. (It was a concern of mine after we drafted him)
  • In the Patriots game, Bradford threw two picks targeting him. One Quick was running a fade, and Bradford either didn't know or it was a bad throw. The second interception, Bradford waited a while to throw it, but Quick should have came back to catch it or knock it down.
  • Against the Jets, I liked how he boxed out his defender on the fade, but wish he caught the ball.
  • Doesn't run routes past the markers, get's close and then tries to bully his way forward. Rarely worked.
  • Fights jams well.

He did get open better than I expected, and his route running isn't bad for someone the Rams consider raw. The biggest thing for me is when I noticed his size, and I imagined a bully like T.O. But he isn't, and he really didn't break any tackles or show much power besides on his 49ers game touchdown.

However there's still hope for Quick. He does need to learn more about playing receiver in the NFL (running past the markers, getting room close to sideline), and he needs to get more comfortable catching passes from Bradford. But Quick flashed his potential last season, and the Rams are banking that he'll be a prime target for Sam Bradford in 2013.