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Free Agency: Kenny Phillips A Fit At Safety?

Could the rangy former Giants safety be a fit in St. Louis?

Jim Rogash

After seeing Craig Dahl whiff and get burned so often last season, safety is one of the top priorities this offseason for the Rams.And with ties to newly hired defensive coordinator Tim Walton.... Kenny Phillips is one of the free agents available who might fit well in St. Louis.

Although Phillips has been plagued by the injury bug when healthy he is one of the best cover safeties in the league. A rangy defender, he should come fairly cheap and is definitely worth a shot. He's also a very big hitter he can lay the wood on someone, but his coverage skills is what scares most offenses into not throwing over the top. Cowboys TE Jason Witten said that they did not want to throw his way at all because they knew Phillips could go up and get it.

When was the last time anyone ever had that fear against a Rams safety? Don't worry. I won't wait for that response as its been awhile dating back to maybe as far back as Aeneas Williams tenure in St. Louis.

Yes, the injuries are a turn off, but Phillips is still young at just 26 years old. A one-year "prove it" deal would probably be the best option for the Rams taking a chance on him. While I'm not saying he's the answer at the back, signing him and drafting a FS to groom behind him wouldn't be such a bad idea also for depth purposes.

With the plethora of free agent safeties, the Rams can go several ways to deal with the secondary. Now that Quintin Mikell has been cut, here are two gaping holes back there. We can expect one to be filled through free agency and one through the draft.

What players they choose will just have to wait and see who they feel is the right fit.