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Franchise Tag Deadline Looming With Big Offseason in the Making

Sam Bradford awaits help on offense as Jeff Fisher tries to put the finishing touches on his defense in the process with key acquisitions this offseason.


With the Franchise Tag deadline being Monday, the field of free agents to hit the market should become a bit more clear.

Players like Jairus Byrd, Dwayne Bowe, and Phil Loadholt just to name a couple being rumored to receive the tag, the more I begin to think they might actually see free agency as each day goes by... With the news of the cap being set a little over 3 million more then what was expected the Rams can all of a sudden try to go hard after players they think can help this team go over the hump and surge toward a playoff birth.

With the Rams leaving the option open to restructure James Laurinaitis' contract to free up a good chunk of cap space, I have to think maybe Snead believes a player they have interest in will hit the market after all. That's anyone's guess of course, though making a splash or two in free agency can alter the Rams' draft board as well as mock drafts all over the World Wide Web.

Sam Bradford definitely is awaiting anxiously to find out what new weapons he'll have at his disposal next season after hearing he might lose his favorite target Danny Amendola and tailback Steven Jackson as Coach Fisher is dreaming of adding the missing pieces on defense.....There's a realistic chance that both sides of the ball can see significant improvement in talent, and that's what has Rams fans dying to find out what moves are made in free agency and what rookies are brought on board through the Draft.

If last offseason is any indication Rams Nation has nothing to worry about. The franchise is in good hands, and the braintrust should make the right decisions to see huge strides next season.