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As commissioner, Adam Archuleta would put physicality back into NFL

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ThePostGame Network held a short, but full, "flash card style" one-on-one interview with former St. Louis Ram Adam Archuleta.

There's a TLDW below, but you may want to watch (listen?) to this.

A few captivating tidbits to pull out:

  • His favorite team growing up? The Denver Broncos.
  • He'd be a rock star if he didn't pursue a career in football.
  • Adam also likes Brazilian jiu-jitsu. That's pretty cool.
  • If Adam were commissioner of the NFL, he'd "rescind all the helmet-to-helmet fines and put the physicality back in the game and let the players and everybody else understand that you know what you're signing up for if you play in the NFL."

Oh. That's interesting.

Adam's stance on the game's overall physicality and helmet-to-helmet hits clashes against the strides the NFL has made to make the game safer. His stance is not an uncommon one among current and former players. It is, however, another vocal obstacle in the NFL's path to push and promote the elimination of injuries via helmet-to-helmet hits.

Watch the video if you haven't already. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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