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Search for a DC: Rams Interview Mike Singletary

The search for a Defensive Coordinator took an unexpected twist on Friday with a report from CBS' Jeremy Fowler that Mike Singletary had interview for the open position. Game...on.

Adam Bettcher

Ah. Late Fridays in February. No news to be had here. Let me just relax, and....

Welp....ok then. Not sure where to go with this right now.

Mike Singletary is an interesting candidate. You could argue his strength is his character, his capability to extract motivation from his players. I wouldn't be shocked if the folks over at Niners Nation have some less than enthusiastic words of praise on that front; bear in mind, though, that he had to have excelled in previous positions to have gotten into that position.

At the same time, somewhat surprisingly, Mike Singletary's never held a defensive coordinator position. The HOF linebacker coached his former position en route to the filling head coaching vacancy in San Fran before his firing opened the door for the Jim Harbaugh era. Since being ousted in SF, he's held the linebacking coach spot for Minnesota.

It's a process, and given that Rob Ryan and Dick Jauron have already preceded Singletary in dealing with the position thus far, it's anything but a done deal. It's just another wrinkle in what is already a wrinkly offseason...and we're not even to the combine yet.

And a quick note: much love and support from the TST fam for any northeasterners dealing with Nemo tonight. Stay warm, stay safe.