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St. Louis Rams 2013 roster: Potential?

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Enough of this "we are a young team" rubbish. It's time for players to step up and produce.

Joe Robbins

The Rams are youthful team composed of a talented players donning a "Scarlet P" for potential. The "P" word excites in the beginning and exhausts in the end. The "P" word causes teams to "reach" in the draft, and gives hope to struggling teams. As Rams fans we know the "P" word all too well - Donnie Avery, Danario Alexander, Tye Hill, Jason Smith, Jimmy Kennedy and many many more.

Fortunately for us Rams fans, we finally have a coach who has the ability to bring out potential. Chris Givens and Daryl Richardson joined the Rams with the Scarlet "P" stitched onto their blue and gold but were able to develop into contributors.

Come the 2013 season, this team could be even younger than it was this season, and more players will take the next step and shed their Scarlet P. Who will they be?

The Candidates

Brian Quick

Brian Quick is a physical freak. Unfortunately, being a physical freak isn't enough. Quick caught a grand total of 11 passes in his debut season. The P word flashed a few times this past season for Quick. His touchdown against the 49ers showed his ability to use his large frame. Even more impressive, his touchdown against the Vikings displayed his hops and his hands as he did his best Randy Moss impression.

Quick allegedly had problems with the playbook and catching up to the speed of the NFL which is only normal for a player coming from Appalachian State. After a year in the playbook and another off-season Quick could be posed for a sensational sophomore season.

Sam Bradford

The Rams will address the offensive line this off-season. And we can already see that Fisher and Snead are serious about acquiring explosive offensive talent, eg Titus Young. The excuses/reasons, whichever way you see it, will come to an end next season.

Same Offense for two years - Check

Offensive Weapons - Check

In 2013 Sam Bradford will step onto the field with no more excuses/reasons for not producing at a high level. It's time for Sam to shed his Scarlet P.

Titus Young

This is Titus Young's last chance. Time to show out or get out. He has the tools, but will he be able to stay out of his own way?

Isaiah Pead

Isaiah Pead, Senior Bowl MVP, Cincinatti's MVP, 2nd round draft pick - potential. Another off-season, another chance to earn playing time, another opportunity to show his mettle - Isaiah Pead is a Rams Christmas present of unwrapped potential. All that is left is to peel back the facade and expose the ability.

Who do you think will break out? Is it one of these players or someone I didn't list?