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2013 NFL Draft: Combine Invite List Released

The invite list for the 2013 NFL Combine is out. Let's discuss.

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

The list has been listed. That is, the 2013 NFL Combine Invite List is now out.

Let me assuage your early concerns.

You: "Did ________ make it?"

Me: "Yes."

Seriously. Nearly every name you've seen or heard of in recent months will be on their way to Indianapolis in two weeks' time. Were there exclusions? Always are.

Here was the reaction from Dan Kadar, head honcho over at Mocking the Draft:

(UPDATE: Here's a more comprehensive list of some snubs from this year's 333 deep invite list courtesy of MTD)

Nevertheless, the combine is still the main event in draft season. Workout warriors get the chance to position themselves higher on draft boards (hi, Jesse Williams!). Prospects whose tape tells us they're plenty strong or fast won't match their peers in poorly designed testing scenarios, and we'll wonder if the tape lied. It didn't; the tape never lies.

And all along, we'll watch in fascination knowing a couple Rams are on display.

Man, now I'm sad there's no football on. Hurry up and get here, combine.