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Shots fired! Danny Amendola's contract talks with Rams off to a great start

Danny Amendola's agent took a shot at the Rams' newest receiver, Titus Young, with contract talks ongoing.

Joe Robbins

The St. Louis Rams took a flyer on Titus Young, the ousted Detroit Lions receiver whose winning attitude and selfless demeanor was just too much for his old team. It's a good move for the Rams, adding some low-cost speed to the roster that they don't have to commit to if the chip on his shoulder can't be whittled down to a manageable size. But there's one person who isn't all that pleased with the move, Danny Amendola's agent.

Amendola and the Rams just happen to be in a contract negotiation. The incumbent slot receiver is scheduled for free agency. The Rams would like to re-sign him, but there are some factors to weigh in determining what kind of deal to give Amendola.

From the Post-Dispatch:

"I don't think it affects Danny one bit," Amendola's agent, Erik Burkhardt, said Tuesday. "Titus Young isn't anywhere in the same ZIP code as Danny as far as a player goes. I'm sure Young may disagree with that because he thinks he's better than Calvin Johnson."

So how does this affect contract talks with Danny? Probably not as much as the Twitter-verse thinks it does. Amendola brings his own risk, mostly with his injury history. He also brings a higher cost than the RFA deal he had last year which paid him just under $2 million.

What Young lacks in financial risk - his contract isn't dramatically more than the veteran minimum - he makes up for megalomaniac risk. Burkhardt referred to Young's Megatron comparison, and that's not the first incident where Young's ego got the better of him.

Having that risk on the roster isn't going to create a ton of leverage for the Rams in talks with Amendola.

Young is numbers play, another receiver to have on the roster in the event that Amendola and/or Brandon Gibson get away in free agency, which is what the PD article suggests.

Young and Amendola are different players, obviously, but I'm referring to their style of play. Amendola's hands are probably his best asset. That combined with his quickness has given Bradford a reliable target on short and intermediate routes. This season Brian Schottenheimer did have Amendola working more outside and on deeper routes.

Speed is Young's game. The biggest chuck of his targets came 10 yards or more down the field. Size pushes him into the slot, but he does have experience working on the outside. Where the Rams could benefit most from his speed is in the return game, something touted on his draft scouting report but never used by the Lions.

What we do know is that we're three days into the offseason, the official offseason, and already we've got shots fired over contract talks.

I love spring.