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No other team claimed Titus Young.

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For having a Sr. in his name, Titus Young sure acts like a Jr.

ProFootballTalk reported that the St. Louis Rams were the only team to put in a claim on former Lions wide-out, Titus Young.

For a guy with enough confidence to claim to be better than Calvin Johnson, finding out only one team desired him must have been a tiny oil-spill in what is a vast ocean of self-worship.

However, I think that oil-spill could provide a modicum of hope for Mr. Young and the Rams. Titus Young now knows that this is undoubtedly his last shot in the NFL. One team, a team with arguably the worst pass catching core in the league, was all that wanted his "Hall of Fame" services.

Is it too optimistic to think that even Titus Young can figure out that this is his last chance and will make the most of it? Are the Rams crazy for giving a chance to someone who clearly suffers from delusions of grandeur?

I think the Rams made a good move and I think being the only team to make that move makes it even better.

Titus, the Rams gave you your one "get out of NFL purgatory" card. Use it wisely or enjoy learning all about filing for chapter 7.