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The Rams Claim Titus Young

The Rams made their first big pick up this season, with claiming Titus Young.

Leon Halip

Jeff Fisher is never a man to let a good player with question marks go. The Rams have decided to claim former Lions wide receiver Titus Young:

Here is SB Nation's Pride of Detroit, on Titus being released:

This comes as no surprise given how Young has handled himself this offseason. He went on multiple embarrassing Twitter rants in January that only further proved he has no place on this team. This came after he was sent home multiple times in 2012. The first time was after he punched a teammate last summer, and the Lions sent him home again during the season after he allegedly lined up incorrectly on purpose.

Honestly, the Lions should have made this move months ago. I know they wanted to wait and see if they might be able to get something out of Young in terms of a trade, but they gave him too many chances. He has proved over and over again that he lacks the maturity required to be on an NFL team, and now he is a free agent.

The Lions gave up on him and his antics, but he could be the receiver that the Rams need with Danny Amendola and Brandon Gibson being free agents. The Rams will pick up his contract, which isn't that bad. One thing you can say about this new regime is that they know that Sam Bradford needs weapons and they will give him some.

For his career he has 81 receptions, 990 yards, and 10 touchdowns. Last season he only played in 5 games, and caught 33 passes, 4 touchdowns, and 383 yards. But he caught every pass against the Seattle Seahawks, ending that game with 9 catches and 100 yards with 2 touchdowns.

Why not take a chance on a player that thinks he is better then Calvin Johnson?

We will see Mr. Young, we will see.