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2013 NFL Mock Draft: Shaking It Up A Bit

Rotoworld's Josh Norris offered a 1st round post-Super Bowl mock draft that offers an interesting selection for the Rams at 22.


The mocks keep rolling in, and this time it's Josh Norris from Rotoworld.

For those of you who dare to twerk twixt Twitter tweeners and twayblades (if you're gonna twerk, do it in a bed of orchids. Have some self-respect.), Josh is a worthy follow.

He stays on point on the NFL Draft nearly year-round with a little UFC sprinkled in, and he's constantly inviting new considerations into discussions across the league without doing so for the sake of doing so (see: Peter Schrager's late January mock...).

The mock isn't all that unbelievable. A couple QBs, Keke Mingo at #2 overall -- unique, but nothing that draws a spit take. And it sets up a familiar scene at 16:

16. Chance Warmack: G, Alabama

Warmack might end up being my top grade, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he is selected before this, but it is a great fit. Not only can he consistently win one on one matchups, Warmack can move to the second level and maul smaller players. He would help create an identity along the interior of the Rams offensive line.

In between the Rams picks, another slew of familiar names. Get to 22, and no receivers have been taken. Texas' Kenny Vaccaro's the only safety gone. Zach Ertz led off the tight ends, but the rest are on the board. Jonathan Cooper's there, but it'd be a bit too crazy to see the Rams taking two guards with two mid-1st rounders...even if I'd love that kind of crazy. So how about this pick?

22. Arthur Brown: OLB, Kansas St.

Jo-Lonn Dunbar had an adequate year on the weak side (outside of pass coverage), but heading into the year there was talk he might play the strong side spot. Insert Brown, a top-15 talent in this class, on the weak side and the linebacking corps is strong behind natural anchor Michael Brockers.

If I've seen that pick mocked since mocking season opened, I don't remember it. That being said, I still think it's plausible.

Brown's a heck of an athlete who, unlike his brother (Philadelphia Eagles RB Bryce Brown), made something of his college career after transferring to Kansas St. Despite earning a spot on the roster at Miami, Brown found limited playing time in two seasons. After the move to KSU, he was one of the most productive linebackers in the country in 2011 and 2012. The only concern from an individual standpoint is size; he'd do well to pack on some muscle and show up at the combine in the 230's weight-wise.

From a franchise strategy perspective, these picks mean the Rams go into 2013 without a 1st rounder to shift the tides at wide receiver, offensive tackle, tight end or safety. The position value discussion here shouldn't be an afterthought.

And as always with Josh, neither should his mock drafts.