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Random Ramsdom 2/4: Harbaugh Wins It

With more story lines than ever, Super Bowl 47 came and went leaving more questions than answers. Seriously, what was Bane's master plan and did anyone see Batman in the shadows? Regardless, after delay, the game continued and Harbaugh won his first Super Bowl.


Wow. Well, alright.

That was a Super Bowl.

What was a close game quickly turned into an early blowout. Three Joe Flacco touchdown passes and a Jacoby Jones kickoff return sent the two into the record books and the Ravens to a 28 - 6 lead.

Not so shortly after - following a long commercial break and ominous blackout - Colin Kaepernick and the 49ers almost mounted the most super comeback of all time. Kaepernick and the ground game bounced back to pull within a one score game several times.

Unfortunately (for many fans), the Baltimore Ravens never let up the lead, and Joe Flacco outplayed both critics and the media to win Super Bowl XLVII MVP.

Random facts:

  • The St. Louis Rams still remain the last team in the NFC West to win a Super Bowl.
  • All four teams have made an appearance in the last 12 years.
  • The 49ers, Cardinals and Seahawks have gone 0-3 against the AFC North in that time. C' mon, man!

Alright, St. Louis has more reason for redemption. While mulling over what has officially begun the 2013 NFL offseason, have at a few random football links...

If you build it, what will come? - Now that a decision has been made, the St. Louis Rams have technically won. Arbitrators residing over the ordeal have chosen the franchise's $700 million renovation proposal, which will ideally make the Edward Jones Dome a "first tier football facility." Still, not enough is guaranteed. Is a year-to-year basis comforting in the eyes of Ram fans? The process is far from over.

Bush brings experience to linebackers - St. Louis Rams new linebackers coach has taken a long road under the same position. His prowess has helped lead to more than two decades of employment, multiple Pro Bowlers and two Super Bowl titles while with the Denver Broncos. What can he bring to the Rams and an up-and-coming defensive unit?

Is Alex Smith tradable? - Due $8.5 million in 2013, the San Francisco 49ers would be crazy to keep their now backup quarterback, Alex Smith. On the other spectrum, would any other team be willing to take on such a contract for a stopgap solution?

Flacco the elite - While hoards of sports media is currently "eating crow," perennial scapegoat quarterback Joe Flacco is about to eat extremely well. The Super Bowl 47 MVP threw for 11 touchdowns and 0 interceptions with a 117.2 passer rating in the 2012 post-season. What type of contract will soon find his way and what does he deserve?

Wallace, Steelers likely to part ways - Pittsburgh receiver and 2012 holdout Mike Wallace appears to have finally reached an impasse with the team who drafted him. Both parties have had enough and will seemingly part this offseason. With the emergence of Chris Givens as a quality deep threat, it's unlikely that the Rams would pursue the fifth-year speedster; however, he only adds intrigue to an already deep free agent class.

David Vobora doesn't like deer antler spray - Former Rams' Mr. Irrelevant, David Vobora knows a thing or two about banned substances. Allegations towards future first-ballot Hall of Famer Ray Lewis has brought Vobora's insight and experience into discussion. His past lawsuit against Mitch Ross, Lewis' accuser and alleged supplier, may shed further light on the matter.