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Super Bowl XLVII - Game On! Live Game Thread

OK, so this game comes down to a tie... Enter the Harbaugh brothers, who arm wrestle for the win, while Ray Lewis cries off to the side...


In one of the most watched sporting events in the world - which needs two full weeks of media blitz to numb our minds before the game - we'll gather around our TV sets to see who's crowned king of the NFL.

The Ravens' offense against the 49ers defense will be the key in this game. The over/under is sitting around 48 1/2 points, but don't be shocked if the final score is low. Both teams will ride their defenses, make no mistake about it. Defensive battles are for the game's purists. The jillions of articles written about Ray Lewis over the past few weeks have put the future Hall of Fame candidate in the spotlight. How he'll rise to the occasion against one of the better offensive lines in the NFL is anyone's guess.

Colin Kaepernick is the only real wild card in this game. Elevated to the starting quarterback position after Alex Smith went out with a concussion, he's held the reins of the 49ers offense. How this young, talented player will react on the biggest stage in professional sports is going to be interesting to watch. I can easily see Kaepernick being the MVP of this game if he's allowed to run the ball freely. The 49ers' Michael Crabtree is another San Francisco player to keep your eyes on.

Could this game devolve into a battle between Ray Rice and Frank Gore? If so, network executives and advertisers will groan as their audiences opt for a nice Sunday nap over a ground and pound game. The game will be streamed Live at CBS, so there's no shortage of viewing venues.

Get those Buffalo wings ready, and make your last minute supply runs. This game is about to happen...

*** Remember: Take a cab, or call one for a friend who's had too much to drink. Here's a site you can find free rides home through. Let's make this Super Bowl a safe one for you, your family and friends...