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Super Bowl Sunday - What do you have planned for the Big Game?

The 47th Super Bowl starts at 6:30 Eastern Time, featuring the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens. While not a dream match up for most NFL fans, we'll all be tuning in, won't we? This game represents a chance to show off your game time prowess. We'll all be pulling out all the stops, whether it's cooking our favorite big game nibbles, or breaking in the new 320" 3-D TV you just had to have...

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What do you have planned for the Super Bowl today? Big party plans? Is a keg of beer going to be the guest of honor as you and your friends gather together, or maybe it's a chicken wings sculpture in the form of the Harbaugh brothers?

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Every NFL fan tunes into the Super Bowl. It's the very last game before we go into the dark times between seasons. I personally plan to have a few friends over to watch what could be an interesting game. Yes, I do find it hard to get excited about Joe Flacco, let alone the San Francisco 49ers. But come on! It's football, so why not pull out all the stops.

Cooking anything special today? Let us hear about it in the comment thread. Big party you're going too? Tell us about it, and drive safe on your journey home after the game. Go here, and find a free ride home if you've had a few to many. Before you head to your favorite bar, take a second to find a taxi cab phone number and enter it in the 'ol speed dial.

I'll have a game thread here at Turf Show times starting at 5pm, ET. Join us for Live chat before, during, and after the game!