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Random Ramsdom 02/28/2013: St. Louis Rams, NFL Draft, and Mocks-a-plenty

As you continue to plow your way through the NFL’s offseason, fret not, for there is still plenty of action. The free agency period is nearly upon us, the rumor mill is warming up, trades have begun to occur, and April’s draft is fast approaching.


Technology! Making things more convenient, all while making us fatter and lazier. Well, now it’s going to assist the NFL administering concussion testing on the sidelines. "Hey, you! Yea, you…kill the Angry Birds app. He’s got a headache!"

Don Banks - over at Sports Illustrated - released the second version of his 2013 NFL Mock Draft on Wednesday. For the Rams, we’ve got contributors on both sides of the ball addressed in Round 1. I’ve got to tell you…I’m a fan.

The Rams have a long wish list for the 2013 offseason, but unfortunately they’re not in a position to chase them all down and cut them all checks. One poor Rams player might become just a little bit poorer, in efforts bring in help.

Tis the season! The post-mock-draft-frenzy-now-post-combine-mock-draft-frenzy season. Doug Farrar - from Shutdown Corner - has provide us with his new first round mock for 2013. He’s going to make you work for it though. You’ll catch 1-16 here. And then, for Rams fans - who have the luxury of a second 1st rounder [at least for now] - you’ll have to click here for picks 17-22.

As if things seemingly continue to get better for the 49ers this offseason, it’s not so swell for their NFC West opponents. They’ve got a plethora of picks. They added a few more yesterday. And now they could be using some freed up cap space to grab one of the league’s best cornerbacks.

You’ve probably come to know him as the adorable writer who recently mocked Eddie Lacy to the Rams at 16 overall. He’s going to give it another shot. Much improved, Gil.

The NFC West - at the beginning of 2012 - had a whole lot of question marks surrounding the QB play within the division. In the opinions of many, Sam Bradford was the best QB in the division, and it wasn’t even close. After the season, I’d be willing to bet that many would place him in 3rd, behind two youngsters who lead their teams to the postseason. Whether wrong or right, the Arizona Cardinals weren’t in it from Week 5 [a good game if you ask me], and a lot of that had to do with inconsistent-to-poor Quarterback play. Sounds like they think they’ve found the answer to improving QB-play in a very tough NFC West. It’s a pretty laughable answer...

You knew this one was coming! Mel Kiper Jr. - Guru of Mock-Draftery - has updated his Big Board. Mel mentions how he’s overly impressed with Top 25 players in the upcoming draft. The Rams are going to have two stabs at it in the first. They’ve got to make them count.

Mike Sando - NFC West Aficionado - weighs in on how the Alex Smith trade affects both the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs. This year’s draft stock of quality QB’s [or lack thereof] may have played a big part in this trade coming to fruition. How does it impact the teams?

For Matt Cassel - who made his name as a backup to Tom Brady - the time spent in Kansas City wasn’t what either party expected. Cassel has yet to play a full season in his four year stay, and the team has won only 23 [of 64 possible] games since he’s arrived. It’s not all that bad, though. As Sando points out, he’s not really any worse than Alex Smith.

Oftentimes a Running Back who nears/reaches 30 years of age is deemed ‘old’ or ‘washed up.’ Players who celebrate their third decade of life just "don’t have much gas left in the tank." Viewpoints on the matter will never be unanimous. The proof is that Steven Jackson has been deemed all of the above. Some fans believe it. It’s possible that the Head Coach Jeff Fisher believes it. Word in the rumor mill is that the Atlanta Falcons may have some interest in the Rams’ All-Time leading rusher. Sounds like Michael Turner’s getting the same kind of treatment in Atlanta.

The 49ers went to the Super Bowl last season. If that’s not disgusting enough, they have the most picks in the upcoming NFL Draft. It get’s worse. They’ve traded Alex Smith. That’s not the bad news. They got more picks.

National Football Post highlights 14 players who helped their draft stock in this past week’s NFL Combine. You see any future Rams on this list?

St. Louis Today - The Rams running back picture gets hazy without Steven Jackson. Are Isaiah Pead, Daryl Richardson, and Terrance Ganaway ready to carry the load or will they look for their future RB in April?

Ramblin Fan - A look at the Rams’ 2013 Offensive Line. The keepers, the wish list, the sleepers, and what could be. There’s work to be done. We’ll have to see how Rams’ brass plans on addressing it.

Football Outsiders - Guards aren’t the most sought after commodities in the first round of the NFL draft, but that may be changing. Over the past few years, we’ve seen top-tier college guards turn into excellent, sometimes Pro-Bowl offensive lineman. The Rams have question marks in Rokevious Watkins and an aging Harvey Dahl. What’s a team to do? One of this year’s best is UNC product Jonathan Cooper. Check out this breakdown!

NFL Draft Bible - Super Bowl? Check! NFL Combine? Check! There are less than 60 days until the draft on April 25th. But there’s something else to look forward to. Actually, there are many. Here’s your NFL Pro Day schedule.

On This Day In Rams History - On February 28th, 1959 the LA Rams pulled off one of the greatest trades of all time. In a trade with the Chicago Cardinals, the Rams traded NINE players in return for Fullback Ollie Matson. The deal was orchestrated by then Rams’ GM and future NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle. The Western Union telegram is legit. Times have certainly changed!

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