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Random Ramsdom: The Times Are Changing

When the Rams brought in Jeff Fisher they ushered in a new era. Part of the luster that Fisher brought was his propensity for wanting to build a fresh, young, and athletic new St. Louis franchise. In year two of his reign we will begin to see exactly what that looks like.

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In 2012, the St. Louis Rams turned over their roster about as much as any team can in one year. The team was new, and the team was young. The hard part about major roster overhauls is the difficulty in acquiring the appropriate amount of talent to adequately replace what was lost. Often this is a hard call to make because it means trading a proven product (although often times in the case of the Rams it is proven to be awful - see Justin King) for something that is an unknown quantity. In 2013, the Rams find themselves in a similar situation with different circumstances. Fisher will continue his journey towards a young, talented, and athletic team. Unfortunately, this time the team will not be looking to upgrade the likes of Ben Leber, Daniel Muir, and Adam Goldberg. The Rams are looking to replace fan favorites and long-time productive players. Times are changing at Rams Park.

Steven Jackson voids contract:

This should not come as a surprise to any. Just like any deal in business, no deals are completed until both parties exhaust all their possible options and define their best move. That wasn't going to happen in this case until Steven Jackson reached free agency. Even if Steven's plan is to stay in St. Louis, the best way for him to get a fair deal is to use free agency as leverage. I believe the Rams may have closed the door on Steven though, and it appears his stay in St. Louis may have come to an end. If so, those shoes will be hard to fill.

What should the Rams NOT do in free agency:

This article is actually very well thought out - and while it will likely ruffle the feathers of many fans dreaming free-agent fantasies - it brings out some great points about building this team the right way. Free agents are much more expensive than commodities in the draft, and many of the positions and players listed may provide better/cheaper options in the draft. What do you think?

What do the Rams need to do in 2013:

There is a lot of good information in this article. Don't get too caught up in the salary cap number, no one really knows what that is. I am being sincere when I say this, Kevin Demoff is the only person who has a handle on what the Rams Salary cap will/or won't be. Everyone else who is standing on a chair about this subject will ultimately realize they don't fully-understand the subject.

What happened at the combine:

In case you don't like sitting through a bunch of athletes running, jumping, and answering questions we've got you covered. Here is a quick highlight of some of Day 6's activities - which features some of the combines most impressive performances. Pay particular attention to the safeties in this years class. It is extremely liekly the Rams comes away with at least on new secondary member.

Draft short of "sizzle" long on "Uglies"

It's being assumed that this draft is short of skilled positions and deep in the trenches. For those that don't talk like a defensive line coach, that means that there isn't a lot of quarterbacks, runningbacks, and wide receivers that are very exciting in this draft. However; there is a lot of depth at the defensive and offensive line positions. This will prove good for the Rams who need to upgrade their offensive line, and build a defense around a strong front-7 rotation.

Stay classy Rams fans.