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Random Ramsdom: Last Day of the Combine

As the combine wraps up, free agency talk and mock draft nation begins to grow.


Today is the final day of the combine. After today's workouts at the combine, pro days and mock drafts are all we have to look forward to until the draft.

From STL Today

  • Steven Jackson will void the final year of his contract. This comes as no surprise and doesn't mean that he wont re-sign with the rams. This is the first time in Steven Jackson's career that he is able to test the free agent market.
  • Home grown prospect Sheldon Richardson completed what was a long journey to get to where he is today. Defensive tackle isn't a top priority for the Rams, but if Richardson falls he would be tough to pass up.
  • This draft is very deep at wide receiver. What type of wide receiver do the Rams need? Because this draft has everything from small and fast to tall and fast.
  • The Rams need a game-changer. The Rams took a long time to score and didn't score often enough. Who in this draft do you think could help the Rams change that? Tavon Austin? Chance Warmack? Justin Hunter?
  • Jim Thomas will have his weekly 1pm chat today. Join him and ask him any questions concerning the Rams.

From SB Nation


  • Who and what makes a big play? Sam Bradford completed 69 passes that traveled over 16 yards. 14 of those passes were to Chris Givens. Imagine what the Rams would be able to do if they paired up a top target with CG.
  • Tom Brady took a "discount." Could this impact Sam Bradford and the team possibly asking him to restructure his contract? Someone smarter than me needs to answer that question.
  • The Redskins want their cap, and they want it NOW! The Redskins were penalized 36mil in cap space last season and are fighting to get it back. The result of this fight could impact how much FA talent the Skins can accrue and therefore the Rams future draft position.

From Walter Football


  • The Rams "must get more weapons." Les Snead said those words during an interview for Who would fit the bill Rams fans?
  • Te'o is what we thought he was - a slow inside linebacker. I never understood why people were so enamored with this guy. Is he good? Yes. Is he top 20 pick good? No way.


From Bleacher Report

  • The Rams don't have a lot of money to work with in free agency, but here are some moves they should try and avoid.
  • What is next for the Rams while they try and sort out what will happen with Steven Jackson?