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Random Ramsdom 2/25: Scout Rams' Newest Linebacker

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The NFL Combine will soon come to a close, but there are still many participants who have yet to show their stuff. Stick around for the defensive players, who are sure to make their presence known.


Happy Monday in the NFL Combine, Rams fans.

Yesterday, the quarterbacks, running backs and wide receivers showcased their abilities, giving the St. Louis Rams their first look at 2013's offensive skill positions. The prospects didn't disappoint - most notably, the receivers, who only reaffirmed the belief that this is a deep draft class for that position

But now it's time to turn attention back to the defense, where it is widely believed the Rams will spend at least one high draft pick. The linemen and linebackers take the field today with the secondary closing out the event on Tuesday. Which one may soon find himself starting in St. Louis, and how may the Rams' draft-board have already been reshaped?

What we learned Sunday at NFL Combine - Sunday is typically an interesting day for the NFL Combine. And every NFL Combine isn't surrounded by Manti Te'o intrigue. Tyrann Mathieu may have given his stock a boost with his interview skills and former Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson may have a future as an NFL wide receiver. Chris Johnson officially remains the 40-yard "Underpants Olympics" champion.

Rams in need of game changers - The Rams made many strides in 2012, but one of their most pressing deficiencies remains their ability to reach the end zone. They should have more than one opportunity to address that need as free agency and the draft draw nearer, but what positions on the offense need the most attention?

Receivers for the taking for Rams - At a glance, there are no A.J. Green-, Julio Jones- or Calvin Johnson-caliber receivers in the 2013 NFL Draft. One might contend whether there is even a Justin Blackmon. Nonetheless, there are countless quality pass catchers to be had, all of whom may be available when the Rams' first pick approaches the podium. Jim Thomas of the Post-Dispatch is particularly enthralled by West Virginia speedster Tavon Austin.

Fisher prioritized making statement in the division - Although the Rams won only three game against opponents outside of their division - one prior to week 14 - their dominance in the NFC West helped keep them in the playoff conversation well into the season.

Potential cap casualties around NFC West, league - Every year, teams are forced to cut ties with players whom they would much prefer to keep simply because they can no longer afford their services. As is always the case, 2013 will likely see many more household names without a contract. Corner back Nnamdi Asomugha, former Rams receiver Brandon Lloyd and - of course - Rams running back Steven Jackson are just a few to watch.

Complications surround franchise tagging Jared Cook - Since the day he was drafted in 2009, Jared Cook has been considered a "receiving tight end." Unfortunately for the Tennessee Titans, that often means lining up outside, off of the line, and not at tight end. This technicality could possibly change Cook's designation as a franchise player and would significantly increase his price tag.

Greg Jennings may not reach open market - Will Greg Jennings wear a Packers uniform next fall? Almost certainly no. Will he again be "employed" by Green Bay this spring? If one of the other 31 teams in the NFL are willing to pay him roughly $10.4 million in 2013, then maybe. Reports suggest the Packers may try to franchise tag the two-time Pro Bowler in an attempt to trade him.