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The NFL Is Considering Moving The Draft To May

As if we didn't have to wait long enough for the draft in April... It could be pushed back.

Al Bello

Every fan loves the off-season. It's where every team has zero wins, and any team could win the Super Bowl. When free agency starts, every fan can't wait to see if their team will sign a key player. When the draft comes around, everyone is convinced their team will have a solid draft.

It's a ritual to most of us. But what would happen, if all these events were pushed back a month?

That would be a big change, since everything would happen at the beginning of the month, starting with the Super Bowl, and hopefully there would be a month of topics to talk about. In fact, that's what the NFL is planning on.

So why is the NFL considering making these changes?

It's all about the bottom line. The off-season wouldn't really be longer, but it might make more sense for the NFL to do this. Plus, with the fact that the NFL is hinting at the combine becoming a reality show, this would really help NFL Network create new shows and boost their ratings. Think about it: if the NFL highlights some players, more people will watch the combine and the draft if they can connect with them.

Honestly, I would personally be okay with it; seeing the kids in action, and how they react with former NFL legends, but that's me.

How would you feel about the NFL making these changes?