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2013 NFL Combine: Les Snead Says "No Franchise Tag For You!"

Les Snead may not be the Soup Nazi, but he has a similar strategy in handing out the franchise tag this offseason.

It's been a relatively quiet day at the 2013 NFL Combine.

Sure, the specialists are on the field. They, along with the o-linemen and tight ends, are wrapping up their interviews, knocking up some bench press reps and completing the Wonderlic and a new mystery aptitude test. Even the offensive skill guys took some time in front of the mic today.

But let's be honest - there's a reason the NFL Network isn't airing this, no matter who tweets them...

Nevertheless, there was one nugget of actual noteworthiness - Les Snead's admission that the Rams won't be using the franchise tag on any player this season.

It's not the most shocking revelation. The Rams are handicapped in the cap room department, so paying a player top 5 money (when there's not a candidate for that kind of "scratch", in Van's parlance) wouldn't be the most prudent of decisions.

Still, it limits one avenue to retain the services of Danny Amendola, who is reportedly quite a ways away from a new contract.

If there's good news to leave with, it's that Snead said the team is still working toward re-signing both Amendola and Steven Jackson.

Breathe easy, friends. Tomorrow's a new day.