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The St. Louis Rams have a new backup quarterback

Head coach Jeff Fisher says that Austin Davis is now the team's top backup behind Sam Bradford.


INDIANAPOLIS - The St. Louis Rams have a new backup quarterback, Austin Davis. Rams head coach Jeff Fisher talked up Davis in his Friday afternoon media session at the Scouting Combine, semi-officially giving him the nod.

Of course, Davis and Sam Bradford are the only quarterbacks on the roster right now. Kellen Clemens, last year's number two, is an unrestricted free agent. Fisher did not rule out the possibility of bringing Clemens back to the team in 2013. He praised his leadership and noted the role the veteran signal caller played in the team's locker room.

If Clemens does come back to the Rams, it will be as the third quarterback. Fisher said that Davis continued to build off last year's solid preseason showing in practice throughout the season.

The most important quarterback in the building is still Sam Bradford, back-to-back sessions from Fisher and GM Les Snead made that perfectly clear. Fisher stood by his belief that Bradford will further improve as a player in 2013, having a second season to learn and grow in the same offensive system.

The offensive staff is huddled closely inside the building at Rams Park, building that continuity ahead of what the team hopes will be a seamless offseason for the offensive side of the ball.

Part of Bradford's improvement will come with improvement from the players around him, and in some cases getting new players around him. Snead echoed one of Fisher's earlier statements about getting Bradford more room to step up in the pocket when asked about drafting offensive guards. It's clear, after listening to both, that beefing up the guard position is a top priority for the Rams in the offseason.