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2013 NFL Combine: Kyle Long talks about Chris' controversial Twitter

The younger brother concedes on who in the family has mastered social media.


INDIANAPOLIS - Social media is going to be a hot topic here at the Combine, what with all those fake girlfriends and all that business. Manti Te'o has yet to deliver his much anticipated press conference. Hopefully, he listed to Oregon tackle Kyle Long, brother of St. Louis Rams defensive end Chris Long, on Thursday who had some social media insight for these kids today.

Kyle had several questions about his big brother. Of course, sports journalists are not a creative bunch. I broke the seal, getting to the heart of the matter about his relationship with Chris ...

"Who is the better Twitter person?" I asked.

"Chris is a little smarter," Long responded. "He went to Virginia, so he's kind of a nerd. After being at the University of Oregon for a year, I feel I have the ability to express myself in social media. Chris has a pretty entertaining Twitter account."

He does have a pretty entertaining Twitter account. In fact, it was the top NFL story on Reddit earlier this month. For more %Controversy, follow Chris @JOEL9ONE and Kyle is at @Ky1eLong.

All kidding aside, Kyle Long is having a pretty outstanding Combine ... and the drills haven't even begun. He parlayed a big outing at the Senior Bowl into a larger profile heading into draft season. The pundits are going to argue about his arm length and that sort of thing, but one issue that should be off the table is his tenacity. One of the more powerful moments, one of the only legit moments at this thing in Indy, was Long's very personal comments about battling and beating addiction. It's not an easy thing to do, and if he can do that, I'll trust his work against whatever defensive linemen can throw his way.

Since we mention the Brothers Long, I'd be remiss if I didn't throw this tidbit out there, something Rams fans should enjoy. This is Kyle on what he learned from his brother:

"Come with the attitude you want to outwork everybody," Long said. "You can't hold a guy down that's going to outwork the world. There are dozens of guys that are more talent, bigger, stronger and faster than you, but if you come in with the intent of working harder, things usually work out for those guys."

I'd really, really like to see the Rams draft this guy.