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Random Ramsdom for Friday 2/22/2013: Revis, Reid, and Floyd

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Get that sleep out of your eyes and read something worth while for a change! Click on for football bliss.



Good Friday Ram Fans! Another week down. Today's Cup of Joe will take you around the country with NFL news and of course, the latest on the 2013 NFL Combine. Stay tuned to Turf Show Times for all the latest news out of Indianapolis.

Rex and Revis The latest out of Indy points to Darrelle Revis staying put with the Jets. Rex Ryan and General Manager John Idzik are doing some damage control with Revis, trying to get the word out that he is wanted in the Big Apple.

Johnson To Be Spelled, Maybe
Word from Tennessee is that the Titans want to add some depth behind CJ2K. Munchak says the team will look to get a running back out of the draft. Better step it up Chris.

Cardinals Not Focused on a Take Flight QB
Arizona Cardinals GM Steve Keim isn't focusing on the next Russel Wilson or Colin Kaepernick. I guess that's great news for the rest of the NFC West. Goodness knows we don't want a third team with a mobile QB in our division.

Reid Likes The Big Boys
Could Andy Reid make the call for Luke Joeckel? Sounds pretty probable. The Chiefs sit at the #1 spot and need his position. Thing is they also need a quarterback, but this draft class isn't exactly brimming with top tier QB talent. Then again the Browns did select Brady Quinn in the first, so you never know what teams will do;)

Let's Just Shuffle Stuff Around Why Don't We?
Per Adam Schefter the NFL is trying to tweak the NFL offseason, by moving the Combine to March, Free Agency to April, and the NFL Draft to May. Football every month? I'm in!

Freeney and Manning Together Again?
According to Dwight Freeney his old pal Peyton Manning is lobbying the Denver Broncos to go after the man with the best spin move around. I don't see it happening with all the talent they have lying around on that side of the ball, but it sure would be sweet to watch Freeney and Dumervil getting after QBs.

Emmitt and the Combine
Why not listen to one of the greatest running backs of all-time talk about running backs at the 2013 NFL Combine? Priceless stuff.

Warmack, Cooper, Cooper, Warmack. How About Both?
If you haven't read this yet, shame on you. Click. Read. Dream.

Got $50?
If you live anywhere remotely close to St. Louis and have the day off work why wouldn't you be there?

Slide Show
While not exactly in the order I would prefer, one of these guys will be a Ram this year.

In Other News:

Tough Mudder
If you haven't run one yet you are missing out. Get off the coach, run, drink a beer, repeat. Then sign up for a Tough Mudder near you and enjoy.

I Am So Down
Two lucky guys will orbit Mars within our lifetime. No thanks to NASA though. This is a private venture. One that I would volunteer for in a heartbeat.

Your Weekly Upton

Your Weekly Jam:

Have a great weekend and GO RAMS!